On your way on the A16 motorway? Take a break at the Hétroye area after Abbeville at km 159 in the direction of Amiens and then Paris: 22 parking spaces are available for you to park.

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipments at the Hétroye rest area

  • 22 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • 5 picnic tables

The Hétroye car park welcomes you every day of the week and at any time of the day or night. One of the 22 parking spaces available and you are in a quiet environment, far from the noise and flow of traffic. The green setting is designed to allow you to recharge your batteries. It allows you to take it easy, stretch your legs and relax in a serene space.

Why not have an impromptu picnic on one of the tables set up in the open air? This way you can reconnect with nature, which has a regenerative effect on you. The relaxation and the fullness of energy give you all the confidence you need to continue the journey.


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