What changes at the Boulay-Moselle free-flow toll on the A4 (exit 36)

Passage au péage sans barrière de Boulay

The regulations relating to the deadline for payment of the toll are changing. From April 3, 2023, payment of the Boulay-Moselle free flow toll on the A4 motorway (distributor no. 36) must be made within 72 hours after passing instead of 10 days until then.

Do you know the new payment terms?

By activating the new automatic payment service via your Sanef Customer account, the amount of your journeys will be debited without any other action on your part and therefore without risk of forgetting and surcharge.

  1. go to the dedicated page on Sanef.com
  2. Create your customer account
  3. Activate automatic payment by entering:
  • your license plate number
  • your credit card number

IMPORTANT: make sure that the postal address indicated on your gray card is up to date in order to receive the letters on time.