A4 - Upgrading the Metz Nord-Est bypass to 2x3 lanes

After the Declaration of Public Utility has been obtained in 2019, Sanef will start the preparatory work.

The widening of the Metz Nord-Est Bypass (CNEM) aims to create a third lane in each direction of traffic on the section of the A4 between the A4/A31 (Croix de Hauconcourt) and A4/A315 (Mey) junctions.

The archaeological and right-of-way clearing work completed last February is giving way to preparatory work that will be located between the Croix de Hauconcourt (A4/A31) and the Argancy n°37 interchange. This work will be carried out at night, and is necessary to re-establish the sewage and fibre optic networks, to remove the existing signalling gantries, and to install the temporary site signs.

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Consult our online file on the Nord-Est Metz bypass (A4 motorway)

The benefits of this enlargement

The upgrading to 2x3 lanes of the Metz Nord-Est bypass (CNEM) will not only improve traffic flow but also the safety and comfort of the 50,000 motorists who use this route every day.

*Dates or periods subject to change due to construction and weather conditions.


In parallel with the A4 motorway widening works, a car park located in the commune of Argancy will be created in partnership with the Communauté de Communes Rives de Moselle, with 40 spaces available by the end of 2020.