Discover the programme for Summ’Aires Decathlon Tour

Driving is like sport: it’s better to be in good shape before getting behind the wheel and to set the right pace so as not to run out of steam before crossing the finishing line!

Discover the programme for Summ’Aires Decathlon Tour

* Les séances seront proposées de 8h00 à 15h00

This summer Decathlon coaches will be present at 11 of our service areas* to transform the ordeal of the long journey to your holiday destination into a health circuit! Find the service areas on your journey and plan your pause!

Take a quick break!

The aim of Summ’Aires Decathlon Tour is to help people on the move shift gear in a way that is good for mind and body. Youngsters and the not-so-young will be able to participate, even those who are not preparing for the Olympics! 💪

The rules are simple: 

  1. Reply to a fun question about sport and the human body 🥇
  2. Do some relaxation and stretching exercises with advice from the Decathlon coach (squats, lunges, etc.) 🤸‍♂️🏃‍♂️


After this active break, the rest of the journey will be safer and more serene! And, who knows, perhaps these fun exercises will even whet the appetite of some to (re)start doing some sport!

To hit the road and arrive in good shape, take our PCR test! 😊

Driving is not a competitive sport but what shape are you in at the starting line? Will you make the cut and cross the finishing line? Do the test! 👇

Before setting off, do you take the time for Preparation?

  • Schedule a full vehicle check-up
  • Get your bearings for the itinerary
  • Find out about the weather forecast and traffic information
  • Plan on having a good night’s sleep

When behind the wheel, what is your level of Concentration?

  • Look at the road, not the telephone
  • Be aware of the first signs of tiredness and stop at the next rest area
  • Take a break at least every 2 hours and let someone else drive

During the break, are you able to maximise your Recuperation?

  • Get some fresh air and move to relieve any stress and tension
  • Drink some water or coffee
  • Have a siesta if needed, but no longer than 20 minutes

A last tip from the coach: the beneficial effects of taking a break also impact your passengers, especially the children and don’t forget that your pets will also appreciate stretching their legs!

Decathlon gets your break moving at our service areas!