The Paris - Reims toll station

The A4 motorway, or Autoroute de l'Est, connects the cities of Paris and Strasbourg. The Paris Reims toll road serves the capital and the city of Reims. It provides access from the Île-de-France region to the Grand Est region in the Marne department.

Visit the city of Reims

The Paris-Reims toll is the opportunity to visit the capital of champagne in France! You can visit many champagne producers: Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot or Pommery. It is also the opportunity to discover the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral where most of the kings of France have been crowned!

The price of the Paris - Reims toll

The Paris - Reims toll plaza towards Paris or Reims has several toll gates:

Namely, the A4 motorway toll station is equipped with two toll systems:

  • Open: the price of the Paris-Reims toll is unique and the same for each passage;
  • Closed: the price of the Paris-Reims toll depends on the entry toll and the exit toll.
  • Coutevroult toll station prices

    Toll rate for COUTEVROULT
    Vehicle class Price including tax
    Vehicle with more than two axles, height >= 3m 7.5
    Motorbike, side-car, tricycle 1.5
    Vehicle height <= 2m 2.4
    Vehicle height 2m < 3m 3.8
    Two-axle vehicle, height >= 3m 6.1

    Montreuil aux Lions toll station prices