The Paris - Metz toll station

The A4 motorway or the "autoroute de l'Est" connects the cities of Paris and Strasbourg. The Paris Metz toll booth, in addition to serving the capital and the city of Metz, serves cities such as Reims or Strasbourg!

Visit the city of Metz

From the Paris - Metz toll station you can travel to the east of France. Metz is the capital of the Moselle region and is known for its great architectural beauty. Notably, the famous Gothic cathedral in the historic city centre: Saint-Etienne's Cathedral! The city is also home to the Centre Pompidou-Metz Museum and the Musée de la Cour d'Or for art lovers of all kinds!

The price of the Paris - Metz toll

The Paris - Metz tollbooth towards Paris or Metz has several toll gates:

Namely, the A4 motorway tollbooth is equipped with two toll systems:

  • Open: the price of the Paris-Metz toll is unique and the same for each passage;
  • Closed: the price of the Paris Metz toll depends on the entry toll and the exit toll.

Coutevroult toll station prices

Toll rate for COUTEVROULT
Vehicle class Price including tax
Vehicle with more than two axles, height >= 3m 7.5
Motorbike, side-car, tricycle 1.5
Vehicle height <= 2m 2.4
Vehicle height 2m < 3m 3.8
Two-axle vehicle, height >= 3m 6.1

Montreuil aux Lions toll station prices

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