aire de repos - réseaux d'autoroutes sanef et sapn

Need to take a break from the traffic? Yearning for some calm and relaxation? Clearly, it’s time to discover our rest areas!

Time for a pit stop

Croquis d'une aire de repos

This is where the cars park and a little further away is for lorries. In the centre, there’s a small pedestrian area equipped with toilets that can be reached along easily accessible, safe footpaths. Walk a few steps more and you will find the children’s playground and picnic area in a lush green setting.

Close your eyes, forget the traffic, tune into the surrounding nature and enjoy some moments of relaxation. Our new rest areas are the right place for your well-being.

Did you know?

On the A1 and A13 motorways, 23 rest areas are equipped with vending machines. Hot or cold drink, sweet or savory snack, enough to leave you full of energy!

An unexpected and enjoyable experience

Beauchêne Sud (A13) : l'aire des vikings

Go back in time and get to know the Vikings at the Beauchêne Sud rest area on the A13 motorway (direction Caen> Paris – km77).

Walk along the guided nature trail and observe the rich biodiversity preserved at the Chevrières rest area, just a hundred or so metres from the A1 motorway (direction Paris>Lille – km 60).

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