Viaduc de Guerville sur l'autoroute A13

It’s summer and there is a lot of traffic on our motorways and quite a few roadworks underway. Has this been done on purpose? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no! And here’s why…

Key figures


of carriageway renovated every year


bridges restructured annually

More roadworks!

travaux sur l'autoroute

Yes, and its’s a good thing! You appreciate the motorway for its modernity, for the quality of the road surfaces you drive on, for the guarantee of an irreproachable level of maintenance, for the opportunity of enjoying new services. You also appreciate the motorway because you feel safe driving on it. To ensure your expectations are met, we have to carry out the necessary works!

And no, we don’t carry out roadworks everywhere and obviously never to purposely annoy you! It’s rather like when you do home renovation works: you plan to do them when the weather is clement, you arrange the financing, you draw up a schedule of works, you try to limit the inconvenience and organise everything so that you can stay living at home while the works are being done.

The same logic applies to a motorway network. Once the works are finished, it’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned:

  • you, because you are driving on a user-friendly, perfectly maintained and safe network,
  • local companies that worked for us, and
  • not forgetting the environment because our modernisation of the oldest motorways always includes plans to preserve biodiversity and water resources.

A full programme!

Where there’s a programme, there’s anticipation. Thanks to our numerous points of contact you are kept well-informed and given the freedom to travel on our motorways or to choose an alternative route. With the Sanef & Vous application, you can programme your roadwork information alerts to ensure your receive updates relating specifically to your route and destination!

Let’s set the record straight!

Do you know how to estimate time lost when driving through a roadwork zone? Less than one minute, if you drive at 90km/h (instead of 130) over a distance of 4km!

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