Driving on a motorway is 5 times safer than driving on a main road. Have you ever wondered why?

The motorway, us and you

First, there is the motorway design with its wide lanes, separated carriageways and no crossroads. Then, there’s us: we’re on hand to maintain the motorway and deal with safety issues while providing you with information and support at every stage of your journey. Finally, there’s you: motorists, lorry drivers, motorcyclists, whether in a hurry or driving at a leisurely pace, heading to a holiday destination or on a routine journey.  Every day, we share the motorway. Together, let’s move forward with greater safety

Asleep on your feet… …but never at the wheel

Don’t be a super-hero at the wheel! You may think you can overcome tiredness by listening to Sanef 107.7 at full blast or opening the car windows to get some fresh air… but you can’t. It won’t work!


Drowsiness :

Is behind

1 accident in 3

Main cause

of fatal accidents

2 hours max

means you should take a break


Be particularly attentive at critical times


There are rest areas every 20 kilometres,
or every 10 minutes

Some sound advice

Before taking to the road, it’s advisable to have slept well, eaten a light meal, and avoided drinking alcohol and taking certain medication… and drugs.

During the trip, to cope with any feelings of tiredness, take several breaks, have a siesta and let someone else drive!

What else?

How about drinking some coffee to remain alert? Caffeine kicks in after 30 minutes, but be careful, it only has a temporary effect and won’t enable you to effectively combat sleepiness!

Using your phone when behind the wheel: don’t dial danger

Hyperactive, hyperconnected, can be reached 24/7…. STOP! When behind the wheel, activate your driving mode and stay 100% focused on the road ahead!

And you?
Would you drive if you’d been drinking? No? And yet, when you use your telephone while driving your reaction time is slower than a driver with 0.8g/l alcohol in their bloodstream!

Automatic reminder: on average, you can find a rest area every ten minutes when driving on our motorways. Use them to stop and safely send your SMS confirming Saturday’s cocktail party, to read the urgent email sent by your boss, or to call your son who keeps ringing to pester you about the latest smartphone.

using your phone behind the wheel


1 accident in 10


of drivers admit using their telephone while driving


drive while holding their telephone


Sending an SMS increases the risk of accident by 23


Talking on the phone, even with a hands-free kit, increases the risk of accident by 5

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