How do I place my Liber-t toll tag?

Installing the Bip&Go toll tag is very quick and easy. If your vehicle has an athermic windscreen, the tag must be placed in the dotted area, the “clear spot”, in order to be detected. Your toll tag must be fixed to the windscreen for optimal use. Any handling of the tag when going through the toll gate may lead to impaired detection of it.

  • Clean the windscreen and peel off the adhesive backing from the badge holder  
  • Stick the badge holder behind the mirror to the dashed area if your windshield is equipped with it
  • Insert the badge on the support
  • The badge is ready to work  

Our tips : for optimum use, the badge must be attached to the windshield. Any manipulation of the Liber-t toll tag during tolling may result in improper detection and a billing anomaly.

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